Welcome to Glory House Games, independent developers, making one project at a time, to maintain focus and quality of each title.

Currently, we are excitedly finishing our first title, Sherlock, a 3D Hidden Object game for Apple and PC/Mac.


Sherlock is an exciting twist on a modern genre, the Hidden Object game: incorporating a 3D engine with the Hidden Object game genre.

It’s like playing a game of CSI on mobile or tablets,  PC or Mac.


Glory House Games originally started off as an SPV of Relentless Software, with the aim to make Sherlock, a 3D HOPA.

Since the demise of Relentless, Glory House has set off on its own, finding funding to complete the Sherlock project to bring it to market in 2018, and then follow up with sequels and other exciting new titles.


Development Rescued

Just when we thought that the demise of Relentless would cause the game to have to be canned, we have found a funder who is willing to fund the game until the end of the development. A big fat thank you to our funding partners! Development work can now continue!


Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.